07 junho 2009

the gift of gab

2006-supreme lyricism,vol. 1


02-supreme lyricism

03-its goin' down(remix)(feat. lateef,talib kweli)

04-lay it down(feat. mr. lif)

05-just what can happen

06-greatness(feat. versatyle)

07-3 strike felony(feat. lateef,lyrics born)

08-without a trace

09-sun don't shine(feat. lateef)

10-fortitude(feat. crown city rockers)

11-let it go

12-top qualified(feat. haiku d'etat, lyrics born,lateef)

13-left side of the brain


15-communicate(feat. new flesh)

16-cold war economics(feat. lateef)

17-inner door open

18-quannum world(feat. quannum m.c.'s)

19-the art of riding a beat(feat. motion man)

20-extravaganza(feat. souls of mischief,quannum m.c.'s)

21-touch the stars

22-whyle out(feat. boom bap project)

23-limited flight time(feat. jumbo the garbageman)

24-n.y.c. freestyle @ b.b. king's

M.O. pt. 1

M.O. pt. 2

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