24 janeiro 2010

Blame One - Leaks & Gemz

01. Pressure (Remix) (Prod. by GERMZ)
02. Danger (Prod. by Supa Koopa 805)
03. The Cypher feat. Sojourn and Jimmy Powers (Prod. by Apple Beats)
04. Glass House (Prod. by Exile)
05. Past Your Thoughts feat. Johaz (Prod. by Apple Beats)
06. Dream Sequence Revenge feat. Fashawn and Exile (Prod. by Godlee Barnes aka Blu)
07. 4 Levels of Hell (Prod. by Kan Kick)
08. Mr. Science (Prod. by 8 Attack)
09. Problem With Authority (Prod. by Short Term the Crate Worm)
10. Move Forward feat. Trek Life and Sene (Prod. by Mr. Ridley)
11. Keep Tellin You (Prod. by DJ Babu)
12. Dr. Jeck (Prod. by Dert Merchant)
13. Saturday Night Special (Original) (Prod. by Mr. Brady)
14. Revenge (Prod. by Adikt 1)


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